Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Contemporary Noise Sextet - Ghostwriter's Joke AUDIO

Some contemporary jazz from Poland, yes folks! Poland is not too often put on the world map of jazz despite at least two extraordinary composers and instrumentalists : the late pianist Krzysztof Komeda and trumpeter Tomasz Stańko. Krzysztof Komeda (1931-1969) was a film music composer for some of the most legendary Roman Polanski's movies ("Rosemary’s Baby", "The Fearless Vampire Killers", "Knife in the Water" and "Cul-de-sac") but also responsible for one of the finest modern jazz masterpieces ever created in Europe and elsewhere with the album "Astigmatic" in 1966, a record that can easily be filed alongside Eric Dolphy's "Out to Lunch" or Andrew Hill's "Point of Departure", both from 1964. Tomasz Stańko is still very alive and kicking, and he is on the above mentioned "Astigmatic", but fortunately he went on further and he has recorded, he's still recording, among the finest jazz stuff around with legendary world class players like Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, Reggie Workman, Tony Oxley and Cecil Taylor as well as young Polish musicians. He is also one of the main artists on the successful jazz label ECM. Another great musician to add here, he also played on "Astigmatic" by the way, is sax player Zbigniew Namysłowski.

Contemporary Noise Sextet has released their already fifth album "Ghostwriter's Joke" (is it a reference to Roman Polanski's last movie "The Ghost Writer"?) some weeks ago via Electric Eye. This is more contemporary jazz than noise but the sextet is surely not devoid of energy. The sound is at time rough, very much like a jazz band should sound, this is played live in the studio. Great musicianship, excellent solos and there are moments these guys get close, sonically more than structurally, to John Lurie's so-called fake-jazz ensemble The Lounge Lizards, indeed Contemporary Noise Sextet's delivery is not that far from punk-rock or even hardcore (the drummer Bartek Kapsa was a member of locally famous hardcore band Something Like Elvis), maybe that's where the concept of noise comes from. Take a listen to three tracks down there.

Kuba Kapsa - piano
Wojtek Jachna - trumpet
Tomek Glazik - tenor saxophone
Kamil Pater - guitar
Patryk Weclawek - bass
Bartek Kapsa - drums

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