Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clams Casino - Instrumentals ALBUM STREAMING

Well sought after hiphop producer Clams Casino (real name Mike Volpe) has worked for superstar rappers Lil B and Soulja Boy but he mostly enjoys vocal-less works. The richness of his unique sound palette offers an interesting journey through earth-shattering soundscapes. These songs are essentially sample-based loops, for example "Illest Alive" is a slicing and dicing of Björk's "Bachelorette" and it was revealed during an interview with Pitchfork that "Realist Alive" is a slowed and slurred version of Adele's "Hometown Glory".

This album was first called "Instrumental Mixtape" and was self-released, now it is just called "Instrumentals" and it has find a home on the excellent
Type Records, the label that released the masterpiece "Owl Splinters" by Deaf Center. Spooking stream the whole album below and pay a visit to Type Records if you're not afraid of adventurous music.

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