Thursday, December 8, 2011

Red Horse - Red Horse ALBUM STREAMING

Noise, rock, improv, jazz, experimental, industrial, whatever project of drummer/multi-percussionist Eli Keszler and guitarist/home-made instruments inventor Steve Pyne. This is Red Horse's second album, released via Type Records, both albums have the same title/no title, beware! Very interesting take on noise improvisation with a punk spirit not too often heard in the so-called avant-garde. The sound is excellent and very detailed, it makes you feel like sitting inside the belly of a huge machinery gone slightly off-kilter. Concerning the musical process, the closest comparison could be Supersilent's first triple album, simply called "1-3", Red Horse shares with the mighty Norwegians a rather similar attractiveness, minus the obvious jazz influence, Red Horse is somewhat closer to post-rock or something. Special mention for "Part Two" particularly impressive, real instant composition, and it's near impossible to get how they succeed to produce those impossible sounds.

Red Horse - Red Horse by _type

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