Monday, April 21, 2014

Boyfrndz - Breeder (2014) ALBUM STREAMING

Austin, Texas, is not only Psych Fest (impressive line-up once again this year), it's also the birthplace of many essential psychedelic and post-hardcore bands from legendary 13th Floor Elevators to The Black Angels and White Denim through the crucial Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard without forgetting post-rockers Explosions in the Sky and many more. Boyfrndz could be added to this extensive list thanks to their sophomore album "Breeder", via Brutal Panda Records, which dropped this month almost two years after their debut "All Day Pass". If their first album offered some pretty dense and powerful tracks, somewhere between post-hardcore and math rock, the whole sounded quite monotonous, the uniform sound palette and the shy subdued vocals being its main drawbacks.

Boyfrndz's second effort represents a hell of a giant step, not only does the band improve on those mentioned downsides with a more colorful production and stronger vocals, they are further expanding their hypnotic and intricate sound with memorable hooks and some surprisingly emotional deliveries. Math rock doesn't have to be drowned by numbers. It would however be unfair to box Boyfrndz in one musical genre for sure, they are actually rather difficult to label, or let's imagine a more concise and near devoid of guitar solos Mars Volta or a less insanely neurotic Blood Brothers... or maybe let's not imagine anything at all and just listen to "Breeder".

Boyfrndz could very much become the next big thing, this album is epic and anthemic at times, open-eared Muse's fans could enjoy them, if they are not afraid to see their skirts lift up for awhile. Saying this, I'm a little afraid they could become emphatic-for-the-sake-of-being-emphatic, there are some hints here and there on "Breeder", like their fellow city folks ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead or, yes, Muse, or even, no, Yes (the shadow of Jon Anderson has been spotted in some corners), so let's discover them right now : spooking stream this thing below.

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