Friday, May 23, 2014


This quartet from Brisbane, Australia, came up with their sophomore effort April 2014 almost two years after their already brutal and punishing debut, "Farewell All Joy". This time, IDYLLS offers an extension on their smashing aesthetic with the addition of a screaming saxophone on most of those ten tracks. That band proposes a remarkably relentless and ferocious mix of mathcore, hardcore punk, sludge metal and powerviolence with blast beats, tribal drums, earsplitting guitars, massive bass and soaked-in-wrath vocals. It will be hard to find a more intense album this year, somewhere between The Jesus Lizard under amphetamine and an even rawer Converge. By the way, the latter mentioned band's guitarist, Kurt Ballou, is a.o. responsible for the bright, crisp, detailed although gigantic earth-shattering sound production.

The band focuses mostly on short but very rich and intricate songs, however the ambitious opener "Lied To" licks the seven-minute mark and it doesn't lose in intensity, fascination and, yeah, pleasure throughout.

For those who remember, this album sounds sometimes like John Zorn's Painkiller would be back from hell all covered in sulfur and hatred.

Not for the faint of heart, but highly recommended.

Please stream this harrowing thing below at your own peril. And then download it for frack's sake!

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